From World Leaders to Teenagers: How We Nurtured Many ‘Boys Locker Room’ Around Us

One of the most widely remarked comments in the entire debacle has been about the social class of the accused boys in the group chat. “How could sons of educated people say that”. “ How can boys of affluent classy families be that way?”.  Such remarks only show the deep-seated class/caste bias in our society where women are told to shield themselves from rickshaw-wallah bhaiyas and bus conductors and sabzi wallah bhaiyas.

Frightening Increase in Fake News During Lockdown

Multiple cases of thrashing, killing, lynching, denial of Muslims to open their essential items shop or distribute them are coming from villages and towns across the nation. Most of this is due to misinformation and hatred mongering that is going on after the Tablighi Jamaat incident and hiding of the members of the Jamaat. This is coupled with a tremendous amount of fake news- with random old footage of spitting in food items or notes termed as members of the Jamaat who are on a mission to spread "Corona Jihad". Even prime news agencies such as the ANI is not bereft of propagating fake news, which is having horrible consequences on the ground.
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Coronavirus: A Day of Lockdown Inside a Shelter Home

The population of daily wage workers is worst hit by the national lockdown. Neither they have jobs nor a roof over their heads. Out of desperation, hundreds of them walked to their hometowns. Some people were stopped by the police and sent to relief camps. We witnessed a day unfolding the situation at one such camp.

At the forefront of my child’s battle

In his attempt to break the stereotype that "Mental Health Day" was only about people with mental disabilities, our photographer Sidharth Shankar decided to cover how the mental health of parents of children with special needs was impacted by the social stigma and constant anxieties associated with such issues.
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